Configuring the Create Post Settings

Once installed and activated, the Add-ons tab will become active. To get to the Add-ons tab, click on a form to edit from the All Forms list. The Add-ons tab is listed after the Rules tab.

Enable Create Post

Before your form can begin to create posts, you must enable the add-on for a form. To enable the add-on, check the “Enable Create Post for this form” box. This will reveal several settings for you to configure.

Post Defaults

The Create Post add-on has several defaults you can change, if you like.

Post Type. This setting controls the type of posts created with this form. By default, it’s a Post, but you can update it to a Page or any CPT you have installed on your site.

Post Status. This setting controls the post status, or the visibility of the post. This is automatically set to “draft” so an admin or editor of your site can approve the post before it is published live on your site.

Post Author. This setting controls the author of the created post. If there is only one user of the site, it will be attributed to the first user it finds.

Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page to save your changes. You are now free to add the Post field items to your form (see the Edit Fields tab).