Using the Page Break

The Page Break field allows us to create multi-step forms or forms that are broken up so the user fills the form out in small chunks. By breaking up the form, it can turn a really long form with low conversions into multiple, small forms with higher conversions and fewer errors.

Adding Pages

Adding a Page Break works like any other VFB Pro field. Click or drag-and-drop the Page Break field to add it to your form. All fields below any given Page Break will be contained on the page. Therefore, if you expect to have multiple pages, your first field should be a Page Break followed by the rest of your standard form fields below.

Progression Steps

The name of the Page Break field will be displayed above the form in numerical steps. Each step is also a link that a user can click on to progress through the form.

If a required field on the form has not been completed, it will not allow the user to move forward through the form.

Navigation Buttons

In addition to the progression steps, each page will display either a Next or Previous button at the bottom of each page. This is useful when you have a long form and the user does not want to scroll back to the top to click the progression step.

Exactly like the progression steps, if a required field has not been completed, it will not allow the user to move forward through the form.

Difference between VFB Pro 2.4.8 and 3.0 Page Breaks

Prior to VFB Pro 3.0, Page Breaks worked very differently.  If you have migrated from version 2.4.8 and are wondering why your Page Breaks aren’t working, the recommendation is to add a Page Break at the beginning of your form and see if the pages work. If you are having problems with this transition, please create a support ticket and we’ll be glad to help correct this issue.