Checkbox, Radio, Select, and Autocomplete Properties

The following properties are only available with the Checkbox, Radio, Select, and/or Autocomplete fields.


This property allows you to set predefined options to be selected by the user. At least one option must exist. Use the minus button to delete choices and the arrow button to rearrange by drag and drop.

To add new options, click the Add Option button below the list of options. For adding multiple options at once, click the Bulk Add Options button.

Bulk Add Options

Clicking the Bulk Add Options button will pop up a window. Select from predefined categories, or you can edit your own by putting a new choice on each line in the box to the right of the predefined categories.

Allow Other

For a Radio field, you may allow the user to type in their own choice. Checking this box will add a new option at the end of your existing options. This is the label for the alternative text input for your Radio field. It allows your user to enter their own value if none of the other options are appropriate. Note: If this option is selected, but no value is entered by the user, this label will be submitted instead.


Options Columns

Control the layout of Radio or Checkbox options. By default, options are arranged in a single vertical column but you can change this to an inline/horizontal list as well as one, two, or three columns.



Validation Settings (Checkbox)

To access this field's advanced validation features, click on the Validation Settings link at the bottom of the field box.

Min Check

Validates that a certain minimum number of checkboxes in a group are checked. Integers only.

Max Check

Validates that a certain maximum number of checkboxes in a group are checked. Integers only.

Check Range

Validates that the number of checked checkboxes in a group is within a certain range. Must be entered as two integers separated by a comma. Example: 6,10