Troubleshooting License Verification

If you receive the following message during verification, it is likely either AJAX is being blocked by your site OR your web host is blocking the VFB Pro verification server:

ERROR: <insert error message>. Your site appears to be blocking WordPress AJAX requests.

AJAX is used extensively throughout WordPress, VFB Pro, and other plugins to perform common actions on your site. Without it, many key features to VFB Pro will not function.

Below are several troubleshooting steps to help track down the problem and get it resolved.

API Server Blocked

It might be possible that the VFB Pro verification server is blocked by your hosts’ firewall. If you suspect that your host might be placing security measures on your behalf, this could be causing problems when trying to verify your license. Please contact your host and confirm that is not blocked by your server’s firewall. If they confirm that a block has been disabled, try the verification again.

Host Firewalls

Depending on the host, a firewall may be setup on your site that is preventing AJAX from being utilized. It is meant to protect your site but can cause adverse affects. If you are having problems with AJAX, check if your host has a firewall and ask for it to be disabled. If you can verify after the firewall has been disabled, you will need to work with your host to configure the firewall in such a way as not to interfere with the WordPress admin-ajax.php file. If verification still does not work after the firewall has been disabled, you can safely re-enable it.

Plugin Conflicts

Some plugins, in the name of security, intentionally block access to the admin-ajax.php file.

  • Security plugins: look for a setting that disables admin-ajax.php or access to admin files
  • Plugins that disable the wp-admin/ folder for non-administrators or by IP address

.htaccess Rules

If you have configured your htacess file to protect your server, some rules can interfere with AJAX. If you have problems with the verification, please check your htaccess file. If they are more complicated than standard WordPress htaccess rules, remove them and try verification again.

If none of these solutions work, please let us know.