Editing an Entry

Editing an entry allows you to modify the submitted data. Note that editing an entry will permanently overwrite the data associated with that entry.

Interface Overview

The Edit Entry screen is divided into two sections. On the left is the form data pre-populated with the user's submitted data. On the right, is the Entry Details meta box which contains details about the form.

Updating the Entry

To update an entry, simply enter the new data and click Update in the Entry Details meta box.  At this time, you are not as restricted on data entry as you would be if you filled the form out on the front-end of your website.  Also, you will notice that some fields may appear differently than they do on the front-end.

Deleting the Entry

To permanently delete an entry, first click on the Move to Trash link. Now, click on the Trash link above the Entries list table. Select the form and click the Filter button to view all Trashed entries for that form.

To delete a single entry, hover over the Entry ID and click the Delete link. To delete multiple entries at once, click the checkbox and then use the Bulk Actions dropdown to Delete Permanently.