Edit Fields tab

The main functionality for VFB Pro is located under the Edit Fields tab. This is where you create and configure your forms. On this tab, you have the ability to add, edit, and delete fields. This tab is divided into two halves; the left half is where you can find all of the available fields used to build your form while the right half is where you configure each field's settings.

Interface Overview

The left half of the Edit Fields tab includes an accordion with three different sections. The Fields section is a list of all available fields used to build your form. The Shortcode section displays the shortcode for this form you will insert into a WordPress Post/Page. The Other Forms section displays a dropdown of all other forms to edit and a button to switch to another form.

The right half of the Edit Fields tab is form building, editing, and rearranging your fields that make up the form. At the top and bottom of this area are Trash, Duplicate, Preview, and Save buttons.

Adding a Field

To add a field to your form, click the name of the field you would like to add. Each field you add this way is placed directly below the previous field. You can also drag the name of the field directly to the location in the builder section where you would like the field to be located.

Try out all of the different field types to explore the possibilities.

Editing a Field

After you have added a field, you can then edit the properties of that field. Properties of a field vary based on the type of field you selected, but every field should include Name, Description, CSS Classes, and Layout Columns properties. To display the properties, click on the arrow to the right of field name in the builder section.

Descriptions of each type of field can be found in the Field Type documentation.

Each type of field property is fully explained in the Field Settings documentation.


To reorder a field, click and hold the title area of the field and drag the cursor up or down to where you would like the field to be placed.