All Forms Manager

The All Forms list is the first page you see when using VFB Pro. It is a listing of all forms you have created along with different actions you can perform on each form. You can also begin creating new forms from this page.

Interface Overview

You can get to the All Forms list from any page in your WordPress site by clicking on the VFB Pro menu item in either the sidebar or the admin toolbar located at the top of the page.

Your forms are displayed in a vertical list, sorted by forms created most recently at the top. You can reorder this list by form name, form ID, or date updated by clicking on the respective header at the top of the forms list.

A box to search through your forms is available in the upper right of the page. To change the number of visible forms in the list, click the Screen Options tab in the top right corner and enter a new value.

The number of entries each form has collected is also displayed. The entries collected today and over the life of the form are displayed in the entries column.

Creating a New Form

Click the Add New button at the top of the page by the VFB Pro title text. Doing so will take you to the Add New page to enter a few details. After you save your form, it will appear in the All Forms list.

Managing Your Forms

Each form has a number of actions that can be accessed by hovering over the form's name. The following is a breakdown of all actions that can be taken from the All Forms list.

  • Edit - This link takes you to the Edit Form screen where you can modify your form.
  • Duplicate - Duplicating a form will create an exact copy of that form and assign a new form ID.
  • Trash - Trash will move the form into the "Trash" view where it can either be Restored or Deleted Permanently.
  • Preview - This link opens in a new tab to display a preview of the form as it would appear in a page on your site.

The Form ID is a unique number associated with each form, starting from 1. The ID is the number referenced in the [vfb] shortcode.

The number of Entries, the term used to describe 1 submission to your form, is displayed by the Date Modified column. There are two buttons: Total and Today. The Total Entries button will take you to the Entry List and display all entries collected for that form. The Today Entries button will take you to the Entry List and only display entries collected today. If an entry has been collected today, the button will be highlighted to inform you of a submission.

Lastly, the Date Modified column displays the date and time your form was last edited.

Filtering and Sorting Your Forms

Filtering and sorting your forms works exactly like the WordPress Post/Page table. The search box will search through your forms and match based on form name.

Sorting your forms is as simple as clicking on the column name, such as Form, Form ID, or Date. By default, it sorts based on the Form ID, with newer forms at the top.