Custom Admin User Permissions

In WordPress terminology, a capability is a "permission to perform one or more types of task." These capabilities come into play with Roles like Administrator, Editor, Author, etc.

VFB Pro automatically adds custom capabilities to the Administrator and Editor roles. These custom capabilities tell the plugin and WordPress what users can or cannot do when viewing or working with VFB Pro.

Below are listed the default capabilities attached to the Administrator and Editor roles.


  • vfb_create_forms - allows access to the Add New screen
  • vfb_edit_forms - allows access to the All Forms and Edit Forms screens
  • vfb_copy_forms - allows access to the Duplicate forms links and buttons
  • vfb_delete_forms - allows access to the Trash/Delete forms links, buttons, and views
  • vfb_import_forms - allows access to the Import screen
  • vfb_export_forms - allows access to the Export screen
  • vfb_edit_email_design - allows access to the Email Design tab
  • vfb_view_entries - allows access to the Entries list and viewing individual entries
  • vfb_edit_entries - allows access to the Entries list, viewing, and editing entries
  • vfb_delete_entries - allows access to the Trash/Delete entries links, buttons, and views
  • vfb_edit_settings - allows access to the Settings screen
  • vfb_uninstall_plugin - allows access to the VFB Pro Uninstall button on the Settings screen


  • vfb_view_entries
  • vfb_edit_entries
  • vfb_delete_entries

Author, Contributor, Subscriber

No capabilities.

Customizing Capabilities

In some cases you might want to assign some capabilities to an Author, Contributor, or Subscriber. Because VFB Pro only assigns custom capabilities to the Administrator and Editor roles, you’ll have to manually assign them. The best way to do this is with the Members plugin.

After the Members plugin has been installed, be sure to enable to Role Manager. Once you do that, you can then go to Users > Roles and click on the role you’d like to edit.

Find the vfb_* capabilities and toggle the abilities you want this role to have. This is a powerful way to expand functionality to users who normally wouldn’t have access to any of the features in VFB Pro.