Customize the Validation Messages

The JavaScript validation messages, the errors displayed in red when a value or selection fails a particular condition, can be customized and translated into your own language as you see fit.

You can get to the validation customizations from any page in your WordPress site by hovering over the VFB Pro menu item in either the sidebar or the admin toolbar located at the top of the page and selecting the Settings menu item. Scroll down the page until you see the Validation Message Settings section. Check the "Use Custom Validation Messages" box to reveal all possible validation message settings.

Note: some messages include one or more %s placeholders. This placeholder will be replaced by a validation setting, such as a number. For example, if you set the Min field's minimum value to 20, the message "This value should be greater than or equal to %s." will be converted to "This value should be greater than or equal to 20."

Customizing these messages will affect all VFB Pro forms.