Verifying the License

Before you can begin to start using VFB Pro, you will need to verify your license information.

  1. Activate VFB Pro
  2. Go to the VFB Pro > Settings screen
  3. Enter your License Key and Email, click the Verify License button

License Status Messages

  • VERIFIED - Your license has been successor validated and VFB Pro's features have been unlocked for this site.
  • ERROR - No matching order found - We were unable to find a matching order using your license key and email address.
  • ERROR: No license key provided. A license key is required. - The order number must be entered in the License Key box.
  • ERROR: No email provided. An email is required. - The email address you used when you purchased VFB Pro must be entered in the License Email box.
  • This license only allows a single site. - Only Developer Bundles are able to verify multiple sites. A single site license only allows one site at a time to be verified. If you have previously activated or moved a site and did not deactivate prior to moving, you can click the Deactivate button which will attempt to deactivate your license. If successful, you can then click the Verify License button again to activate this new site.

If you are having problems verifying your license, please create a ticket and we'll be glad to help you out.