Assigning Prices

The final piece to enabling payments on your form is to assign prices to fields.

Show Running Total. Check this box to show price amounts and the total costs to the user as they are filling out the form. This box will be an itemized list with the total amount at the top.

Fixed Amount. This is the base amount charged to your users on every submission and is best used when every form submission requires a charge. Set this to 0 if you want to charge based on choices selected on your forms.

Adding and Deleting Price Fields

To add a field, select a field from the “Assign Prices to a Field” dropdown.

After a field has been aded, you can delete a field by clicking the X icon in the top right corner of the price box.

Price Field Types

Currency. The currency field is a simple text input where the user can enter any amount they wish to pay. There is no price to assign in the settings. This is best used for donations.

Radio and Select. The radio and select fields are used when the user can choose only one option. These fields are best used when you need to force a single choice.

Checkbox. The checkbox field is used when the user can choose multiple options. This field is best used when the user can select a combination of items.

Assign Prices

Prices can be assigned by typing in a numerical value into the box next to the option in the price box. Negative values are also accepted.