PayPal Settings

With PayPal Standard selected as your merchant, you have several options to configure.

Email Address. This setting is necessary to connect your PayPal account so they can validate if the account exists.

Language. This setting controls the language set on the PayPal checkout page.

Currency. This setting controls the currency you would like users to pay you in on the PayPal checkout page. Be sure to update any assigned prices in VFB Pro to reflect this change as well.

Shipping Address. Check this box to enable PayPal to display extra address information to collect the shipping address if it's different from the billing address.

Billing Info. Check this box to use the information collected by VFB Pro fields to pre-populate sections on the PayPal checkout page. You can pre-populate the Name, Address, and Email settings by using appropriate VFB Pro fields.

Recurring Billing. Check this box to setup recurring billing. Select the period you want to request payments (i.e. every 1 Month). You can also add a description of what it recurring.