Uninstalling the Plugin

There are two methods for uninstalling VFB Pro. The first method will remove just the files from your server while the second method will remove all data and deactivate your license for you.

Delete Files ONLY

This method will keep your VFB Pro data and license active for your site.

  1. Go to the Plugins screen
  2. Find VFB Pro in the list and click Deactivate
  3. After the plugin has been deactivated, you can click Delete
All forms data will remain untouched.

Delete Data ONLY

This method will remove all forms data and deactivate your license for this site, but keep your VFB Pro files.

  1. Go to the VFB Pro > Settings page
  2. Scroll down to find the Uninstall VFB Pro section in a red box
  3. Click the Uninstall button

After you click Uninstall, the plugin will remove all VFB Pro data and settings in the database as well as deactivate your license.