Mobile Device Settings

The Notifications add-on has an option to send an email to your mobile email address. This means you can receive a text message every time someone submits your form.

To get started, you must check the "Enable Mobile Device notifications for this form" and then configure the following settings:

Your Cell Phone Number. In order to build the mobile email address, your phone number is needed.

Your Carrier. Choose the carrier for your cell phone service. If your carrier is not listed, follow the directions listed below.

Your Message. Include a short message to be sent to your phone. Many carriers have length limits, so keep that in mind when building your message.

Carriers Not Listed

While a large selection of carriers has been included, you may find yours is not listed. Because most carriers allow SMS messages to be sent to an email-type address, it’s simple to do.

  1. Select "Other" from the Your Carrier dropdown
  2. Enter your carrier’s email-to-text number and format into the Cell Phone input (ex:
  3. Here is a list of SMS gateways and their formats. If you carrier is not listed, contact your service provider for assistance.