Configuring the Display Entries Settings

Once installed and activated, the Add-ons tab will become active. To get to the Add-ons tab, click on a form to edit from the All Forms list. The Add-ons tab is listed after the Rules tab.

Select Fields to Display

The Display Entries table will pull data from submitted entries that match fields you select to display.  All fields that collect data are available for use with Display Entries and are listed in ascending order according to their arrangement on the form.

Check the boxes next the field names that you want to use as columns on the table that will be output. Click the Save Changes button to save the fields you want to display.

Add Shortcode to Page

Each form can display a single table made up of your options. To display this table, you must use the [vfbp-display-entries] shortcode.

The shortcode accepts an ID attribute, which matches the Form ID. So, if you want to display entries for your Contest form, with a form ID of 3, then your shortcode would look like [vfbp-display-entries id="3"]. This shortcode can be easily copied the Display Entries Settings section on the Add-ons tab.

Display a Single Entry

To display a single entry, you must modify the shortcode to include the "entry" attribute. For example, if you wanted to display entry ID 22 from the form ID 3, then your shortcode would like [vfbp-display-entries id="3" entry="22"].

You can obtain entry IDs by going to the VFB Pro > Entries page.