Migrating from VFB Pro 2.x to VFB Pro 3.0

Migrating from VFB Pro 2.x to VFB Pro 3.0 is as easy as transferring from the free version.

What Transfers to VFB Pro 3.0

  • Forms
  • Form Settings > Email
  • Form Settings > Confirmation
  • Fields

What Does NOT Transfer to VFB Pro 3.0

  • Conditional Logic
  • Simple PayPal settings
  • The Fieldset field (converts to the Heading field)
  • The Section field
  • The IP Address field
  • Many plugin-wide settings on the Settings page
  • The "All Forms" Export format uses JSON instead of XML
  • Any add-ons settings, such as Form Designer, Payments, etc

Because VFB Pro 3.0 changes how Entries are stored, they CANNOT be migrated

How to Migrate

  1. Install and activate VFB Pro 3.0. You may need to also have VFB Pro 2.x activated at the same time.
  2. Verify your VFB Pro 3.0 license
  3. A migration banner will appear
  4. To initiate the process, click the Migrate Forms button
  5. To opt out of the migration process, click the Dismiss button

WARNING: the migration process cannot be reversed, so if you have already started using VFB Pro 3.0, please be aware that clicking the Migrate Forms button will wipe the VFB Pro 3.0 tables clean. If you are unsure of what to do, choose the Dismiss button.

Force display the migration banner

In some cases, the migration banner may not appear automatically. If you find this to be the case, you can manually force the banner to display which will allow you to run the migration process

You can manually run the migration by adding &vfbp-migration-pro-force-display=1 to the end of a VFB Pro URL in your WordPress dashboard. So, go to VFB Pro in the admin and then add that bit to your URL in the browser and the migration banner will appear.

Post Migration

If you chose the Migrate Forms button, you should be redirected to the All Forms list and see all of your forms listed. The old VFB Pro 2.x version should also be automatically deactivated.  If it did not deactivate, please do so now.

You are free to start using VFB Pro 3.0 at this point. There is no need to change the [vfb] shortcodes in your Posts/Pages.

If you wish to uninstall the old VFB 2.x version, you can do so at this time. It is recommended you export your old Entries before doing so.

Can You Use the Import/Export feature for Migration

In short, the answer is no. VFB Pro 3.0's Import/Export process has been greatly improved and now uses a completely different format.  Prior to 3.0, the format was in XML format. Starting with 3.0, the format will be in JSON.   This means that to migrate to 3.0 from versions 2.x and lower, you will need to follow the migration instructions on this page